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About Us

Like the succulent Star Apple fruit that ripens to either a green or purple hue, the
Jamaican food landscape is tantalizing and multi-faceted.

The island’s food is a cornucopia of flavours from the many peoples who have called
the island home since world explorers arrived and found a rich and verdant island
inhabited by the native Taino peoples.

Jamaican cuisine ranges from quick street food (beef patty) to the complex mix of
flavours and methodology (jerk) that has captured the hearts and taste buds of foodies

Just as reggae music, white sand beaches and Jerk are synonymous with the best
Jamaica has to offer, StarApples Restaurant delivers another opportunity for world
citizens to immerse themselves in the island’s tantalizing taste and world-renowned

The restaurant is nestled in Bowmanville’s Heritage Downtown strip with 48 seats
inside, a 12-seat patio and a well-stocked bar serving up unique & premium cocktails.

Our Foods

We offer a variety of foods options for various tastes and diets.

More Than Meets the Eye

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